Pool Design

Pool Design

Are you considering adding a beautiful swimming pool to your property in Houston, Sugarland and Katy?

Gray Lang Companies, LLC’s pool design services are the ideal place to start!

As an industry-leading specialist in swimming pool design and build, Gray Lang Companies, LLC has the experience and resources to create attractive, unique pools perfectly suited to you.

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Personalized Pool Design Services in Houston, Sugarland and Katy

A thoughtfully designed pool can enhance your property a great deal.

It can transform your backyard into an outdoor oasis—a place just as enjoyable to sit around as it is to swim in. You and your loved ones will enjoy countless thousands of hours by the pool.

However, if you’re like many property owners in Houston, Sugarland and Katy, you may be growing tired of conventional pool designs. Maybe you’d like something a bit more customized for your own property.

Gray Lang Companies, LLC takes pride in creating swimming pools that are as distinctive as their owners. We believe pools should enhance and blend in with its surroundings, not simply be placed upon them.

As a design-build firm, we oversee every aspect of pool design and construction. Our attention to detail and full range of pool services makes us a leader among pool contractors.

Once the design is completed to your specifications, our pool builders can proceed with the construction. As experts in concrete, plumbing, tile and decking, Gray Lang Companies, LLC’s pool contractors can build as effectively as we can design.

Pool Design-Build in Houston, Sugarland and Katy

From the first preliminary sketches to the final gallon of water in the finished product, Gray Lang Companies, LLC is with you every step of the pool construction process.

We’ve streamlined each step of the pool installation and design process. Beginning with an initial consultation and site visit, we help our clients select their materials, colors, and features for the swimming pool of their dreams.

Whether you have a pool design all planned out in your mind, or would prefer to discuss your options, Gray Lang Companies, LLC looks forward to creating your ultimate backyard haven.

Working with the highest quality products and design tools, we create exceptionally beautiful and durable pools that will be enjoyed for years.

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3 stars of excellence
3 stars of excellence

Pool Design Process

The expert design technicians at Gray Lang Companies, LLC will show you through each phase of the customized pool design process.

During the initial visit, we’ll discuss your various options for pool designs. This includes many different factors, including shape, size, and depth. This will be partially dictated by your property space and partially by your own values.

Gray Lang Companies, LLC will also conduct a thorough inspection and survey of your property, determining dimensions and elevations. The possibility of additional swimming pool features will also be discussed. This includes special aspects like diving boards, waterslides, adjoining hot tubs, and the like.

The next step will include permits and approvals for the pool construction. Gray Lang Companies, LLC is familiar with the regulations in Houston, Sugarland and Katy, and guide you through the requirements for pools and decking.

Finally, you’ll select from a huge variety of colors and materials, to ensure your pool is a perfect extension of your property and lifestyle.

Start the exciting journey towards custom pool ownership and call Gray Lang Companies, LLC today!

Gray Lang Companies, LLC provides outstanding design-build services for pool construction in the Houston, Sugarland and Katy area. Call us today for a free quote!

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